OpenUAT Team

The OpenUAT developers team

Core members

  • Rene Mayrhofer: project founder and current leader
  • Iulia Ion: various protocols, channels, and MIDlet example applications


  • Lukas Huser: implementation of "buttons" channels based on the "BEDA" paper
  • Lukas Wallentin: implementation of group communication key agreement (inferring new keys from trusted channels)
  • Christoph Egger: implementation of HTTP communication channel on J2ME and infrastructure for group communication (server-based message multicast)
  • Michael Schöllhammer: Porting Bluetooth and accelerometer sensor adapters to Android
  • Andreas Eichhorn, Gerald Schoiber, Leitner Sebastian, Erich Zach: Extending Android port with camera API and QRcode generation/parsing, Android secure connectivity service, Android OpenUAT settings UI
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