Private Notes

PrivateNotes is a cross-platform application for note-taking that allows encrypted synchronization of the notes between multiple instances using various methods. Currently, the following interoperable clients are available:

  • A Tomboy plugin to enable note encryption and WebDAV synchronization. This is the reference implementation and used for prototyping new ideas. Full source code is currently kept in Github.
  • An extended version of Tomdroid supporting the same encryption and synchronization options.
  • A port to iPhone, also supporting the same encryption and synchronization options.

Although I initiated and supervised this project, all implementation so far was done by Paul Klingelhuber as part of his Master's thesis and Thomas Berkshire and Patrick Gabor as part of their Bachelor's theses at Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences, Campus Hagenberg.Project notes and documentation can be found in a Wiki.


This page was last modified on 2011-03-23