About this server

My new web page has been cast into existance after being postponed long enough to nearly qualifying as vaporware. Now that it is there, feel free to download all stuff that is on this site. (If I didn't intend people to download it, I wouldn't have put it up on a public web page.)

This server runs under Debian GNU/Linux using the respective stable version ("squeeze" at the time of this writing) with all security updates applied. The web page is now using Drupal due to its strong focus on extensibility and its ease of deployment. Previously, this page used mojoPortal backed by Mono and PostgreSQL, which is a wonderful .NET CMS that I can highly recommend to anybody who already runs Windows servers. However, the Mono ASP.NET implementation still seems to buggy for in-production use, which was the sole reason for the many downtimes of my previous web page.

I take some steps to protect myself from unsolicited (mostly commercial) email, commonly known as SPAM. The first part is to be careful where to put my email addresses. As you might have noticed, all email addresses on this homepage are generated by Javascript, which any modern browser should be able to render. I hereby place my small email link generation script under the GPL. The encoded strings used for my email addresses can e.g. be generated on this page or, without using this small generation script, directly on this page. In addition to using extensive pre-queue checks for my Postfix mail server (including various RBL lists, SPF, "call back" to check if the sender address accepts email, and some others), amavisd-new and spamassassin are used. I also run my spider tarpit to make harvesting links off this site a bit more difficult (at least it demands to respect the standards). Statistics for this web page are generated by awstats.

I would like to thank all people who made their software available under open source licenses. Without these packages, this server could not be run.


This page was last modified on 2013-02-04