About me

Rene Mayrhofer

I am a computer scientist with additional interest in physics, philosophy and politics. At the moment, I hold a Professorship at Johannes Kepler University Linz and act as the head of the Institute for Networks and Security and head of the Josef Ressel Center for User-friendly Secure Mobile Environments. I act also as security consultant. Previously, I held a Professorships in Mobile Computing at Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences, at University of Vienna, AT, and before that a Marie Curie Fellowship at the University of Lancaster, UK. My main research interests are security and usability, and I am trying to combine both to create secure systems that are still usable by non-technical users. I received my venia docendi (Habilitation) from University of Vienna, AT, and my masters ("Dipl.-Ing.") and PhD (officially Doctor technicae - "Dr. techn.") degrees from Johannes Kepler University of Linz, AT.


Email: private (rene@mayrhofer.eu.org), university (rene.mayrhofer@jku.at), or Debian (rmayr@debian.org) email adress, OpenPGP signed and possibly encrypted email is preferred.
VoIP: sip:+43720820082

I update this web page irregularly as I work on new projects. More content might be added within the next few weeks, months or eons. My email inbox is often swamped, so please be patient when waiting for replies. Although I used to be able to respond to every email, this is unfortunately no longer possibly. I typically read most emails, though (unless they look like Spam to my filter or me or are in any way abusive).

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